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PRECIOUS (formerly known as "Cream Puff"); BENJAMIN; & DOUG:

(pics & testimonial will be posted this week)


Natalie J & Jeremy, Chilliwack, BC


To whom it may concern,
We got Tana from Paris a couple years ago, and I would definitely buy another dog from her in the future. Since losing my wife several months ago, Tana has been a life-saver for me, and a God-send. I never could have gotten through this difficult time without her.

Of all the people I've bought dogs from over the years, Paris is by far the best. She has been really great with me and Tana, and has taken her own time to groom her and look after her for me, including when I went on a 3-week cruise and Tana stayed with her. I have nothing but good to say about her, and I recommend her to people all the time when they stop Tana and I on the street to admire her.

Bernie R, Mission, BC



(formerly known as "Sassy")

I have and would recommend Paris and her Pomeranians to anyone and everyone I know.  I am so happy with my Pom, Roxy...she is healthy, smart and very well balanced.  I get stopped all of the time while taking her for walks by people commenting on her beautiful coat, lovely face and awesome personality.  I visited several breeders before making my decision, Paris' dogs definitely showed so much confidence and good temperament there was no way I could resist!  Paris has been awesome, very supportive any time I have questions and even dog sits when we go away which is great, because I would have a hard time leaving Roxy with anyone else!  Roxy has added so much happiness to our lives, I could not have made a better decision than to choose a pup from Pomeranians by Paris!  Highly recommended!
Jodi & Rob, Vancouver, BC


(formerly known as "Bows")

Mandy & Gord, Chilliwack, BC


Rene C, Richmond, BC


(formerly "Sweet Pea")

Bubbles came into our lives two and a half years ago and she became the baby of our family.  She is a bundle of joy and provides us with hours of laughter and happiness.  We all lover her and wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.  Everyone needs a little "bubbles" in their lives.  We are extremely glad that we found Paris who was able to match us up with the perfect dog. 

Wendy C, Vancouver, BC

Wendy C, Vancouver, BC


Burnaby, BC




Victoria, BC


(formerly known as "Double B")

Coquitlam, BC


(Bijou X Gizmo Orange Sable girl)

My name is Amanda Sutherland and I am the owner of a Pomeranian, purchased from Pomeranians by Paris. I purchased my dog, Tila , in November 2007. From the beginning, Paris was very concerned with the placement of her puppies. Before even considering to sell me a puppy, I was asked to fill out an extensive list of questions concerning my capability of  becoming a suitable dog owner. Paris also asked me to meet with her before she could make the decision of whether or not to sell me a puppy. It was apparent from meeting Paris, that her main priority was her pets, and finding their puppies equally loving and stable homes.
I trust Paris to be a responsible dog owner. I have seen nothing but love and affection from Paris towards her dogs, and their puppies. I would definately buy another puppy from Paris, and would recommend anyone interested in the ideal pet to contact her.

Amanda S, Kamloops, BC   


(formerly known as "Alice")

Hi Paris,
These are some recent pictures of Feather and one of her pups, one that I kept, her name is Willow.  They are the light of our lives.  I am so happy we found you and thus, bought our Feather from you.  She is a gentle and loving dog, and everyone she meets loves her.  She has passed these wonderful traits onto her pups and has made some folks very happy.  Each of my sisters have one...one on each coast of Canada.  They cannot fathom how they ever got along without their babies.
Feather is going on five years old now, and is very healthy, happy and playful. I am thinking of getting another pup, and you know I will be calling on you if we decide to.
Take care,
Darlene S, Mission, BC


Portland, OR


New Jersey, USA


Grand Prairie, Alberta


Vancouver, BC


Burnaby, BC


Ann D, Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Maple Ridge, BC


Langley, BC


Trail, BC


Victoria, BC