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Occasionally I hear of people, or someone contacts me through my website, who can't keep their dog due to unforseen circumstances, such as job relocation. I often have people who contact me looking for adults that are retiring from breeding, but thus far, any of mine who have come available have been spoken for before I could even advertise. Sometimes I have older couples who would love to have a new puppy, but are not up for the many months of training, and so they are looking for an older puppy or an adult. Should I ever have a puppy who comes back to me, they will be posted here as well.

Most of these postings will be made for dogs & puppies that are not mine, but feel free to contact me using my webform, and fill in the "other" space to let me know if you are interested in someone from this page, and I will forward your email on to the owner or agency involved.

If you have a Pomeranian that you can't keep, please contact me with photos, and I would be happy to add them to this page to try to find them a new loving forever home.

If you know anyone who is looking to adopt an retiring adult, young adult, or older puppy, please pass this link on to them.

Thank you!

Young/Adult Dogs Available


Ceili (pronounced Kaylee) is a gorgeous dark Sable, with Cream undercoat, and just a slight orange tinge in a couple places. She is also 3½ years old, born on Nov. 11/06, just a couple months after Bridget her half-sister. She is very compact, with an adorable teddy-bear face, and nice full coat. She is about 6 pounds. She likes to play, but she really loves to cuddle. One of her favourite things is to be held like a baby and get her chest & tummy rubbed. She closes her eyes like she's just in heaven. She wants to be with you all the time, and will follow you anywhere. She also likes to talk when she gets really excited or wants your attention, and if you say "talking" to her, she'll do it even more. She also does perfect 360's when she's excited, and sometimes while talking...lol, which is partly how she got the nickname Zippy. She is so incredibly cute, and I can't even count the people who have wanted her.

She finally had her first litter last summer, and she seemed really stressed out by it, so I won't be breeding her again. She has been spayed & teeth-cleaned, and has all her vaccines, deworming, Revolution, etc. all up to date. As with Bridget, of course I would be happy to puppy-sit any time you want, free of charge, of course.

Here are a few pictures of Ceili:

1 year old:  


With half-sister Bridget:  




Bridget is one of my breeding girls, and she is 3½ years old. She is an Orange Sable, but with very little sabling (dark tips going through the coat), and her face is a bit more "foxy". When she is in full coat, she has a long beautiful coat that practically drapes on the ground. She is an awesome mama, but she is finished having her babies, and she is ready to retire to her forever home. She's really sweet, and super-friendly, and she's not barky. She is totally socialized with other dogs, and she loves to play, even entertaining herself by rolling around on the floor with a toy, which is the cutest thing to watch. But she also likes to sit in your lap, or cuddle up on the sofa to watch a movie with you. She is completely adorable, and I love her to bits. She is a bit of a jumper, like scaling my baby gates quite easily, but other than that, she is no trouble at all.

I think she would fit into almost any home, but I don't want to place her in a home with very small children because she is quite small at only 5 pounds. When the right home comes along, her adoption fee will be $595 to help cover the cost of spaying & teeth-cleaning before she goes, and it also includes all vaccines (including 3-year Rabies & Bordetella), Revolution, deworming, etc. up to date. Bridget is totally healthy, and she's been eating only top premium and holistic foods since she was born. Because I am very confident in the health of my dogs, I would be willing to extend the same written health guarantee that comes with my puppies. I will also include free puppy-sitting if you are ever going on vacation, because this way I would get to see her once in a while   :D

If you are interested in adopting Bridget, please contact me for my Puppy Home Questionnaire. Here are a few pictures of Bridget:

8 months to 1 year old:   


With Gizmo:  

1½ years old (with half-sister Ceili aka "Zippy", who is also available for adoption:


Young/Adult Dogs Available


After her new litter is weaned, Jubilee will be available for adoption (approximately mid-June/2010). More details & pictures will be posted shortly. Please contact me if you are interested in giving her a loving forever home  : )


Young/Adult Dogs Available


After she has weaned this litter of puppies (due in May), Carmel Brownie will be available for adoption. More details & pics will be posted soon, but feel free to contact me if you are interested in her.

Carmel Brownie:  






1 year old female, Black Parti Pomeranian, 6½ lbs., $750

This Pom girl is completely adorable, and just a cuddle-bug! She is completely house-trained, healthy, spayed, and up to date on vet care, and has excellent temperament. Her owner can't keep her, so please email me for her contact info if you are interested in giving this girl a loving forever home.






4 year old female, Orange Pomeranian, approx. 7 lbs.  $650 negotiable
Fawn's owner writes:
"Fawn is turning 4 years old in March 2009. She has just been spayed as she had complications during delivery. She managed to have one super tiny little cream boy, who was born on Valentine's Day. She will be ready to go in 5 weeks, as right now she is nursing him.

When the vet spayed her, I had them clean her teath as well, and she is UTD with deworming and her yearly vaccinations. Fawn
is house broke via doggy door, and is extremely quiet. She hangs out with me outside all summer long while I garden and work, and doesn't ever leave the yard, even though she could.
I would like her to go to a home that does not have very young children. Fawn is extremely well behaved,  and she's super socialized with cats, other dogs, and children. She is a very good girl, I love her, and I want to find her a nice 'forever' home now."
Please contact me for owner's details if you are interested in this girl.



"CAMO" - adorable male Pomeranian-Chihuahua cross, available to approved home, 6 lbs. full grown at 11 months old -- $650


I am a special little boy looking for special people. I am very shy on meeting, and I need time to warm up to you, but I will love you with all my heart and more, once you're mine!

I am such a lover, that I am very attached to my mom, but she can't keep me anymore   : (

Once I fall inlove with you, I will love you forever, and you will love me forever, too, and you can call me "Camoulicious"!

I am  completely house-trained, and all up-to-date on vaccines and vet care, and I am available immediately for the right home.



 This boy is now placed!