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"CHOCOLATE SUNDAE" LITTER -- Ready to go end of May 2013


Chocolate Sundae (now called "Sunny Day") is a petite Chocolate Parti female and full sister of Praise (formerly called "Flurry"), seen in below paragraphs. Both can be seen on my Past Puppies pages, and their parents (grandparents of this litter) can be seen on the Meet the Parents page (Bijou & Gizmo).  Sunny Day is 6 lbs., with a teddy-bear face and a very compact body (short legs & back) and soft fluffy coat. She is mostly white, with deep Chocolate blaze and patches. She has an awesome disposition, and loves to play & cuddle. She was bred to Nanuk, an AKC registered White male.

This litter includes 2 Black females, and 1 Cream Sable Parti male, born Mar. 24/2013. All 3 pups should be about 5 lbs. full grown, but 6 lbs. maximum, and very compact, with teddy-bear faces, and very full coats. 

Please contact me directly with your phone number for more info about these babies.

7 Weeks Old (Together):










Dam: Chocolate Sundae (aka "Sunny Day"), Chocolate Parti, 6 lbs. :


Sire: Nanook, White, 5 lbs. :


(more pictures to follow below)

3 Weeks

PRAISE LITTER -- Ready to go 3-07-13

Praise has had her second litter by Nanook, born on Jan. 11/13. He is not my stud, but his picture is below (White male).
They have 4 boys: 1 Blue Parti, 2 Blues, & 1 Black. They will be ready to go in March. They should range from 6 - 8 lbs. full grown, with big fluffy coats like their parents. They have excellent temperament, and they are raised in a family home, and super-socialized with kids & pets, and being pee-pad trained right now!
$1295 - $1495, including 1st vaccinces, dew claws removed, deworming, etc., health guarantee, & huge puppy starter kit with everything you need. We will accept deposit to hold puppies for pre-approved homes.
Boy 1 "Diamond" Blue Parti:  
Boy2 "Muffin" Blue:   
Boy3 "Buddy" Black (w/White): SOLD
Boy4 "Silver" Blue:   
Boy 1 "Diamond" Blue Parti:   
Boy2 "Muffin" Blue:  
Boy3 "Buddy" Black (w/White):  
Boy4 "Silver" Blue:   
1 Day Old:
Boy 1 Blue Parti     
Boy2 Blue   
Boy3 Black (w/White)  
Boy4 Blue  
Parents- Chocolate is the dam & White is the sire:
Praise (mom), Chocolate(Parti):  
Nanook (dad, not my stud), White:  
 You can see pictures of their first litter (all placed already) further down on this page, to give you an idea of what these ones will look like when they're a bit older.
New photos will be taken this week of these puppies.
Please click here to download my Questionnaire for prospective puppy homes: 


Praise, originally called "Flurry", is a Chocolate female (see her on my "Past Litters of Puppies" page), from Bijou & Gizmo's last litter (see them on the "Meet the Parents" page). She is a bigger girl at about 8 - 9 lb., and was bred to a 4 lb. White male. Both have beautiful full coats and excellent health & temperament. This will be her only litter, and they will be ready to go after June 28/2012. My next litter won't be ready to go for 5 - 6 months. I only plan to have one more litter of exotic colours after this, then just a few litters of Orange Sables from girls from my past breedings.

Praise has 4 babies:

Black boy & girl, Orange/Cream Sable girl (with White), & Black Parti girl. We expect them to range between 6 - 8 lbs. full grown. They have really cute teddy-bear faces and they are getting beautiful fluffy coats now, that will turn into huge full coats as they mature. Their different personalities are really showing now, as you will see in the pictures. They will be getting vaccines, and ready to go to their new familes this week!

Here are some pics of them at 6 weeks old. If you scroll down the page, you will see pics of them at 3 weeks old, then at birth.


"Josh", Black boy (AVAILABLE):

"Princess Becky", Sable girl (PENDING):

"Gabi", Black Parti girl (AVAILABLE):

"Micky", Black girl (AVAILABLE):


Please contact me for more details about each puppy shown here. I have a Questionnaire for prospective homes to fill out. You can click here to download it from this page: http://www.pomeraniansbyparis.com/contactus then just save it to your computer and you can attach it by email to me later. You can also contact me through that page, or call 778-838-2700. Thanks for looking!



Together with Mama:

Black Boy:

Sable girl:

Black Parti girl:

Black girl:

Random Pics Together:


Black Boy (AVAILABLE):

Sable Girl (PENDING):

Black Parti Girl (AVAILABLE):

Black Girl (AVAILABLE):

Together at 1 day old:

PEACHES LITTER -- Due Summer/Fall 2013

Peaches Litter:

Peaches is a petite Orange Sable, about 4½ lbs. We expect very small Orange/Cream Sable babies from her later in summer/fall 2013. These puppies will range from about 3 - 4 lbs. full grown, and we will know better once they arrive & details will be posted here. Please go to the `Contact Us` page of the site if you are interested in one of these babies, and email us via the secure form there:




This is Bridget & Gizmo's last litter (now sold) of 3 Orange Sable girls. They range from about 4 - 4¾ lbs. full grown. Gizmo is now adopted, as is Bridget.

Peaches is one of the girls  from this litter pictured below. She is playful and adorable, and will be having her 1st litter in February (please see listing above for more details about her litter when they arrive. Her puppies should look similar to the pictures below, and they will have their basic vaccines & deworming, health certificate, and come with the usual 2 year written health guarantee, lifetime breeder support, ENORMOUS puppy starter pack (toys, accessories, food, blankie, coupons, breed information, etc). Please use the "Contact Us" page of the site to complete my Puppy Home Questionnaire if you are interested in adopting one of these babies.


Girl 1, Orange Sable

Girl 2, Orange Sable 

Girl 3, Orange Sable

Two months old: 







These 2 tiny boys were born just after Valentine's Day and they are absolutely gorgeous. They are healthy, and very playful, and they will be ready to go this weekend to approved homes. Mango is the dam, and she is a petite 4.75 lbs., and a rich dark Sable colour. Nico is the sire, and he is a very tiny 2.5 lbs., and a tri-colour. They should mature to be quite small, about 3.5 - 4.5 lbs.



"BUTTERSCOTCH": small Orange Sable female, estimated adult weight 4¾ - 5 lbs.

Butterscotch is a petite Orange girl with a very calm temperament. She will have very little dark sabling through her long, thick Orange coat with a lot of Cream undercoat. She is in her "Puppy Uglies" right now, but coming out of it soon, and her fluffy adult coat is starting to come in now. She was the quietest & most mellow of her litter, and is a real cuddle baby, with a very sweet personality. She will make the perfect tiny lap dog.

She is now placed.


2 - 3 Months:

8 Months:

Together with her siblings: