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I understand this page can be a little confusing, so I will try to clear it up a bit:


  • Newest info, updates, & pictures of current puppies available are always uploaded at the top of this page so you don't have to scroll down so far to see them  : )
  • There are still some of my previous litters of puppies down below on this page, but it should state that they are "SOLD". If the litter is completely sold, in the paragraph title it will say so (eg. "Jubilee  x  Titan Litter -- SOLD")
  • Puppies from my current litters are always closer to the top of this page. For each puppy, it will say "AVAILABLE" or "SOLD", as they become spoken for. If it says "PENDING", they may still be available, and you can contact me to find out. 
  • I have a blog page entitled "Upcoming Litters", where you can read about litters arriving soon, which will include pictures of sires of the litters which are not from my own studs.
  • Some of the date stamps on these pictures aren't accurate, as my camera used to revert back to an earlier date for some reason (I'm a bit technologically-challenged...lol).
  • My pet prices start at $895, which includes: up-to-date on all vet checks & vaccines, several de-wormings, dew claws removed, written health guarantee & Breeder support, premium Puppy Pack (see below), food, Puppy Pads, coupons, info, toys, accessories, etc, free vet insurance for 1 - 2 months (where available), & delivery within the Lower Mainland & sometimes the Okanagan & WA.
  • To be added to my Email Updates List, simply email me and let me know.
  • If you wish to be added to my Waiting List for present or future litters, you can do so by requesting my Questionnaire by email, and after approval, providing a non-refundable deposit. If you are unable to take your chosen puppy at the time they are ready to go, you may apply your deposit to any available puppy from a future litter.
  • If you have any questions at all, feel free to email or call me any time. Happy browsing and God bless  : )


Typical Puppy Pack:


The list below is of the puppies I have available and ready to go right now. More pictures will be posted today & tomorrow of these puppies. Updated pictures of Tango's pups ("Marshmellow" & "Butterscotch") should be posted by Sunday/Monday, but I will be able to show them this weekend by appointment. They have their basic shots, deworming, etc., and are ready to go now to approved homes. I also have "Chocolate Sundae" available, from Bijou & Gizmo's last litter.

Bridget & Gizmo's last litter born in September is now ready to go, with 1st shots, written health guarantee, etc. They have 3 petite girls, all Orange Sable, and should range from 4 - 5½ lbs. full grown, with nice full Orange coats, and adorable personalities. More pics & details will be posted today. Please fill out my Questionnaire and return it asap, if you are interested in setting up a time to meet them this weekend. Thanks!

PUPPIES AVAILABLE ("EAW" = Estimated Adult Weight):

"Chocolate Sundae", Chocolate Parti, EAW 5 - 6 lbs.

"Marshmellow", Cream/Orange Sable, EAW 5 lbs.

"Butterscotch", Orange Sable, EAW 5 lbs.

Female 1, Orange Sable, EAW

Female 2, Orange Sable, EAW

Female 3, Orange Sable, EAW

Bridget X Gizmo Litter - Available

Ready to go end of November, details & pics to be posted tomorrow.


This is Bijou & Gizmo's last litter, and Bijou is retired now. These babies have all their basic vaccines, several dewormings, dew claws removed, etc., and come with huge puppy gift pack (above) and 2 year written health guarantee. I now have only "Chocolate Sundae" available, and she is ready to go to her new home this weekend, so please contact me asap for my Questionnaire if you would like to set up an appointment to meet her.

There are a few details about each puppy listed below. "EAW" = Estimated Adult Weight, and these will be assessed & readjusted as time goes on.


Girl 1 - "Flurry" Chocolate (SOLD) -- EAW 6½ - 7½ lbs. $1195

Girl 2 - "Chocolate Sundae" Chocolate Parti (AVAILABLE) -- EAW 5 - 6 lbs., $1295 OBO

Boy 1 - "Cappuccino" Chocolate (SOLD) -- EAW 6½ - 7 lbs., $995

Boy 2 - "Blizzard" Sable (SOLD) -- EAW 7 - 8 lbs., $895


8 Weeks Old:






Girl 1 "Flurry" (SOLD): 




Girl 2 "Chocolate Sundae" (AVAILABLE):








Boy 1 "Cappuccino" (SOLD): 





Boy 2 "Blizzard" (SOLD): 







1 Week Old:

Girl 1:  

Girl 2:  

Boy 1:  

Boy 2:  

2 Weeks Old:



This will be Tango & Titan's last litter. They have 4 tiny sable babies: Light Cream/Orange Sable girl & boy, and Orange Sable girl & boy. They are EXCEPTIONALLY cute! According to the weight chart from birth until now (3 months old), they have stayed very petite, and I would now expect them to range from about 4 - 5 lbs. full grown. They carry top Champion bloodlines, and will be quite compact (short back & legs) with HUGE coat, and excellent temperament. You can see previous pups from Tango & Titan on "Past Puppies" & other pages, so you have an idea of how these ones will look as adults. These puppies are ready to go now to approved homes  : )

They come with dewclaws removed, vaccines, deworming, etc. all up to date, written health guarantee, and everything above.

I am able to show them this week in person if you'd like to set up an appointment to meet them   : )


2 Months:




Girl 1 "Butterscotch" (AVAILABLE), Light Orange/Cream Sable, EAW: 4 - 5 lbs. 

Girl 2 "Caramilk" (SOLD), Orange Sable, EAW: 4 - 5 lbs.

Boy 1 "Marshmellow" (AVAILABLE), Light Orange/Cream Sable, EAW: 4 - 5 lbs.



Boy 2 " Pecan" (SOLD), Orange Sable, EAW: 4 - 5 lbs.

1 Day Old:



Girl 1 (SOLD): 

Girl 2 (SOLD): 


Boy 2 (SOLD): 


Jubilee & Gizmo have a litter of 2 puppies - 1 girl & 1 boy The girl is Red Sable Parti and the boy is Orange Sable. They have their 2nd vaccines & several dewormings, as well as Revolution.

Both of these puppies have gone to their new homes now, but I will be expecting some tiny Partis in the fall/winter from Mango. Please contact me if you're interested in reserving one of those puppies in advance.


Girl (SOLD)- Red Sable Parti, estimated adult weight 7 - 8 lbs., $ 1295

Boy (SOLD)- Orange Sable, estimated adult weight 7 - 8 lbs., $ 995


6 Weeks Old:

Girl "Maya" (SOLD):  



Boy "Magellan" (SOLD):      



Bridget & Gizmo had a litter of 3 Orange Sables. Bridget will be retiring, so she will be available for adoption in the near future.

These babies are now placed in new homes, but Tango's Orange Sable puppies are ready to go now (see above). I will be available to show them to pre-approved homes this weekend.


Girl "Ella" (SOLD) - Orange Sable, estimated adult weight 3½ - 4 lbs.

Boy 1 "Embry" (SOLD) - Orange Sable, estimated adult weight 3¾ - 4 lbs.

Boy 2 "Quil" (SOLD) - Orange Sable, estimated adult weight 6 - 6½ lbs.


10 Weeks Old:


Girl "Ella" (SOLD): 

Boy 1 "Embry" (SOLD):   





Boy 2 "Quil" (SOLD):  






4 Weeks Old:

Girl (SOLD):  



Boy1 (SOLD):  


Boy2 (SOLD): 



Together (Boy1-left, Boy2-centre, Girl-right):







Oso & Gizmo had a litter of beautiful Exotic Colour puppies, including 2 colours they've never had before! They are all sold now, but I have another litter of Exotic colour puppies from Bijou & Gizmo, that are ready to go now to approved homes (see above).

This will be their last litter, and Oso Blue will be available for adoption soon (watch Adults/Rescues adoption page for details in the near future). I will be placing her in a loving forever home as a pet -- spayed & teeth cleaned, vaccinated, dewormed, Revolution, etc., all included. She is 4 years old, and an adoption fee will apply.


Girl 1 "Chloe" (SOLD) - Chocolate Parti, estimated adult weight 5½ lbs., $1295

Girl 2 "Carmela" (SOLD) - Chocolate Sable Parti, estimated adult weight 4 lbs., $1495

Girl 3 "Osito" (SOLD) - Lavender, estimated adult weight 5 lbs., $1495

Boy 2 "Dolce" (SOLD) - Blue, estimated adult weight 6 lbs., $895


Here are a few pics of them at 9 - 10 weeks old, and the rest will be posted this weekend.

9 Weeks Old:


Girl 1 "Chloe" (SOLD):

Girl 2 "Carmela" (SOLD): 




Girl 3 "Osito" (SOLD):  




Boy 2 (SOLD):  


5 Weeks Old:

Girl 1 (SOLD): 






Girl 2 (SOLD): 




Girl 3 (SOLD):  






Boy2 (SOLD):  




Below are pics of the 5 of them together at 5 weeks old:



Pics - 2 Weeks Old:





Girl 1 (SOLD): 



Girl 2 (SOLD): 



Girl 3 (SOLD):  



Boy 1: 



Boy 2 (SOLD): 




Light Cream/Orange Sable girl, and Orange Sable boy & girl. I expect them to range from about 5½ - 6½ lbs. full grown, with adorable personalities, HUGE coat, and excellent temperament. You can see their previous pups on "Past Puppies" & other pages, so you have an idea of how these ones will look as adults. These puppies are ready to go now to approved homes  : ) These puppies will come with 3rd vaccines, deworming, Revolution, etc. all up to date, and everything above, of course. 


Girl 1 "Esme" (SOLD), Light Orange/Cream Sable, estimated adult weight 5½ lbs., $1595

Girl 2 "Senna" (AVAILABLE), Orange Sable, estimated adult weight 6½ lbs.$ 1295

Boy "Jasper" (AVAILABLE), Orange Sable, estimated adult weight 6½ lbs., $ 895


9 Weeks old:

Esme (SOLD):  











Senna (AVAILABLE):  








Jasper (AVAILABLE): 






5 Weeks Old:





Esme (SOLD): 












Jasper (AVAILABLE): 









February Update: This litter is now sold. Bijou has been bred to Gizmo, and she will be having her last litter of exotic coloured babies around mid-May. If you are interested in one of these puppies, please contact me to request updates. They should weigh about 7 - 8 lbs. full grown, although sometimes I may have one that will be a little bigger or smaller than that.


Litter of exotic & standard colours from Bijou & Koda. Please click on the link below for Koda's pictures, as he is not my stud.


They are all adorable, fiesty, & playful. Bijou had: Black & White (Parti) girl & boy, light Cream Sable boy, and Orange Sable boys. They are ready to go to approved homes now. I can ship (throughout North America only).

Please see "Past Puppies" pages for Bijou's puppies from her last litter  : )


Black Parti girl (SOLD)- "Irina" -From Greek Ειρηνη (Eirene), derived from a word meaning "peace".

Black Parti boy (SOLD)- "Jacob" -theories claim...from...יַעֲקֹבְאֵל (Ya'aqov'el) meaning "may God protect".

Cream Sable boy (SOLD)- "Alec" -fr. Greek name Αλεξανδρος (Alexandros), which meant "defending men".

Orange Sable boy (SOLD)- "Aro" -could be the short form of "Aroha" - which means "love" in Maori.

These pups are available for viewing this weekend.


8 Weeks Old:

"Irina" Black Parti girl (SOLD): 



"Jacob" Black Parti boy (SOLD): 






"Alec" Cream Sable boy (SOLD): 




"Aro" Orange Sable boy (SOLD):

4 Weeks Old:

"Irina" Black Parti girl: 




"Jacob" Black Parti boy: 





"Alec" Cream Sable boy: 





"Aro" Orange Sable boy: 

"Emmett" (Diamond Dog) Orange Sable boy: 







This litter is now sold, but I have a new litter of exotic colour puppies, including 2 Partis. They will be ready to go around the beginning of April. Pics will be posted above (on this page) sometime this week.

Mango & Koda's litter of 1 girl & 1 boy was born on November 11th -- "Makenna" & "Alistair". You can see pictures of sire Koda here: http://www.pomeraniansbyparis.com/upcominglitters.htm .

Both of these puppies are very small Sable Partis. They will be compact and approximately 4½ lbs. full grown, with adorable teddybear faces. I expect their colour to be a darker sable (not orange), kind of a smokey colour. It should be similar to the colour of Mango, Ceili (her half sister), or Mandy (their mom), who can all be seen on the "Meet the Parents" page here: http://www.pomeraniansbyparis.com/meettheparents.htm .

They are both totally fiesty and playful, and absolutely adorable. They will be ready to go in January to approved homes. Here are some pictures of them:

8 Weeks Old:

Together (SOLD):                    

Makenna (SOLD):                 

Alistair (SOLD):                

2 Weeks Old: 




Bridget  X  Benjamin Litter - AVAILABLE

Very small Orange Sable male, ready to go now to approved home. He's very fiesty and he loves to play, but a total sweetheart too. I expect him to be about 3½ lbs. full grown, with a full orange coat. He probably won't have a lot of dark sabling going through, more orange, with some cream undercoat as well.

He is an only child, with nobody his age to play with, so he is really looking forward to going home to his new family. He will come with his 3rd vaccines, dew claws removed, several dewormings, and comes with everything at the top of the page.

Here are some pics of Bridget (mama) and Carlisle, and him with 'his bunny' since he didn't have any siblings to cuddle up with  : )


"Carlisle" - Orange Sable male $1495 (AVAILABLE):

3 Months:  





6 Weeks:  




Baby Pics:  





ADORABLE teeny tiny Pomeranian puppies!! Ceili had her 1st litter on Sunday August 23rd -- extremely tiny (1.9 - 3.1 ounces). I expect them to be about 3¾- 4¼ lbs. full grown. They have gone to their new homes, but I am expecting another litter of small Orange Sables this month.

These puppies have some of the best Champion bloodlines in North America. They will have adorable teddy-bear faces & HUGE coats, and will be very compact (short back & legs), and are to-die-for cute!

Sire "Matika" is Cream; dam Ceili (aka "Zippy") is Cream/Sable. Both are well-socialized, and have amazing temperament, sweet, loving, cuddly personalities, and excellent health.
I will accept deposit to reserve a puppy for Christmas, to approved pet homes. Price includes dew claws removed, up to date vet checks/vaccines & deworming, health certificate & written health guarantee, huge puppy gift pack, delivery to some areas, etc....
"Bella", Sable, (SOLD) estimated adult weight 3½ - 3¾ lbs.
"Edward", Sable, (SOLD) estimated adult weight - 3¾ - 4¼ lbs.
2 Months Old:
6 Weeks Old:
Baby Pics:  
Please see website blog "Upcoming Litters" for additional photos of parents at:


Oso & Gizmo's litter (born last year) are sold, but we now have a new litter from them (see above on this page). This will be their last litter, and Oso Blue will be retiring.

I expect them to range from about 4 - 6 lbs. full grown. They will have nice full coats and supreme temperament. They will come with dew claws removed, up-to-date vaccines, several dewormings, health guarantee, deluxe Puppy Gift Pack, etc...  :D

There are pictures of their last litter below, from 2 weeks old on.

Boy1: Brindle (SOLD)

Boy2: Brindle (SOLD)

Boy3: Blue (SOLD)

Boy4: Blue (SOLD)


Here are some pictures from 2 months on:

Boy1 Brindle (SOLD): 





Boy2 Brindle (SOLD): 






Boy3 Blue (SOLD): 





Boy4 Blue (SOLD): 




Here are some pics of them at 3 months old:

Boy 2 (Brindle) & Boy 3 (Blue): 


Boy 1 (SOLD): 




Boy 2 (SOLD):  





Boy 3 (SOLD): 




Boy 4 (SOLD):  




Here are some pictures of them at 2 weeks old:













Boy3 & Boy4: 






This is a past Brindle puppy from Oso's litter with Titan. She is 1 year old or less in all of these pics, so she doesn't have her full adult coat yet, but you can see the colour pattern.

Chloe (was "Chrissie"): 






Benjamin is now sold. Tango is due to have a new litter in October, so if you are interested in one of these puppies, please email me.


I have 1 boy left from Tango & Gizmo's litter. Benjamin was supposed to go to New York in December, but it didn't work out at that time. He is 8 months old now, and totally sweet. He's very playful, but also very sensitive, and he loves to be cuddled. He has all his vaccines, and knows all his basic commands. He is very well behaved, and he's never even chewed a single thing in the house. He's totally socialized with kids and dogs, and because he is right around 7 lbs. and very sturdy, he would make a great family pet.

He comes with a full health guarantee and a huge puppy gift pack. Please contact me for my questionnaire if you are interested in meeting him.

Benji is Orange Sable, and will have a huge thick coat. These are a few recent pictures of him:




In these shots below, he is playing with his older sister "Roxy" who was back for a visit with us. This will give you an idea of what he will look like at 2 years old. On other pages of the site, you can see more pictures of Tango's puppies at different ages  : )  






 Roxy & Benjamin, Tango (mama), & Titan in these pics:





Tango & Gizmo's 1st litter together are now 4 months old, and they are gorgeous, playful, and absolutely adorable!! They carry some of the best Champion bloodlines in North America, and they will have HUGE coats and adorable faces. They are compact, and will range in weight from about 4 lbs. - 6¾ lbs.

I have 1 boy left, "Benjamin", who is ready to go now to approved home. If you aren't on my Wait List yet (if you haven't filled out my Puppy Home Questionnaire and placed a deposit) then please contact me if you are interested in him. He is very playful, but loves a good cuddle, too. He is a complete doll, and I know he will make a great addition to any forever home that gets him : )

He comes with his 3rd vaccines and several dewormings, along with everything listed above which is included in the price, along with a full written health guarantee. He is paper-trained, mostly 'outside' potty-trained, and knows all basic commands.


Girl 1 (NOT AVAILABLE)  "Abigail" (Hebrew- "gives joy") - O.S. female, 4¼ - 4 ¾lbs. estimated adult weight.

Girl 2 (NOT AVAILABLE) "Ailia" (Scott/Irish- "light; from the green meadow") - Cr/Or. S. female, 5¾ - 6¾ lbs. estimated adult weight.

Boy 1 (SOLD) "Jadon" (Heb.- "Jehovah has heard") - O.S. male, 4¼ - 4¾ lbs. estimated adult weight.

Boy 2 (SOLD) "Benjamin" (Heb./Spanish- "son of the right hand") - O.S. male, about 5¾ - 6¾ lbs. estimated adult weight.


Here are some pics of them at 7 - 9 weeks old:

Girl 1 "Abigail" O.S. (NOT AVAILABLE): 





Girl 2 "Ailia" Cr/Or. S. (NOT AVAILABLE): 






Boy 1 "Jadon" O.S. (SOLD): 







Boy 2 "Benjamin" O.S. (SOLD): 












These are some pics of them at 3 weeks old:

Girl 1: 


Girl 2: 


Boy 1: 


Boy 2: 











Bridget & Gizmo's litter of 2 Orange Sable boys (born last year) are now sold.

They will have nice full orange coats, very cute faces, and excellent temperament. They come with 2nd shots, several dewormings, health guarantee, etc... (see above).


Boy 1 (SOLD) "Shorty" should be about 5 - 5½ lbs. full grown (standard toy size).

Boy 2 (SOLD) should be about 3 - 3¾ lbs. full grown (tiny toy size).

These are some pics of them at 11 weeks old:

Boy 1 "Shorty" (SOLD): 





Boy 2 (SOLD):  







These are some pics of them at 6 - 7 weeks old:

Boy1 (SOLD): 


Boy2 (SOLD):  




This litter is now sold. We will have more orange/cream sable puppies ready around Valentine's Day. They should be between 3 to 5 lbs. full grown, with compact body, and teddy-bear face (short snout).

7 week old pics are posted further below, and 10 week old pics are here:

"Tater Tot" (SOLD):  






"Twinkie" (NOT AVAILABLE):  








Mandy & Gizmo's 2nd litter of 3 boys & 1 girl will be ready to go to their new homes soon.


Boy 1 "Buddy" Dark Cream Sable $1495 (SOLD)

Boy 2 "Diamond" Orange Sable $1595 (SOLD)

Boy 3 "Tater Tot" Orange Sable $1495 (SOLD)

Girl "Twinkie" $1595 Dark Cream Sable (NOT AVAILABLE)


Here are a few pics of them at 7 weeks old:

Boy 1 "Buddy" $1495 (SOLD): 







Boy 2 "Diamond" $1595 (SOLD): 






Boy 3 "Tater Tot" $1495 (SOLD): 






Girl "Twinkie" $1595 (NOT AVAILABLE): 









3 Boys: 


Mandy & Gizmo's second litter has arrived! They had 3 boys & 1 girl, all small cream/orange sables. I expect them all to be compact, and about 4 - 5 lbs. full grown, with huge coats, and adorable teddy-bear faces. They will be ready to go around the end of September.

On my "Past Puppies" page, you can see pics of their last litter at 8 - 10 weeks old. More details will be posted later this week, along with new photos of this litter by next week.

Here are pics of them at 1 week old:

Boy 1: 




Boy 2: 




Boy 3: 









Jubilee & Titan had their 1st litter on Feb. 24/08, both orange sables, 1 girl & 1 boy. You can see the parents' pics on my "Meet the Parents" page. These puppies (pictured below) are now sold. They will have more "foxy" faces, and full adult coats.

Jubilee has now been bred to Gizmo, and is due in the middle of September/08. I expect these puppies to be a little more compact, with more of a teddy-bear face. Pics will be posted once they're born.

Sable Girl (SOLD) estimated adult weight 7 lbs.

Sable Boy (SOLD) estimated adult weight 3½ lbs.


Here are a few pictures of them at 4, 8, & 12 weeks old.

Sable Girl "Muffin" (SOLD):

12 Weeks:

8 Weeks: 



4 Weeks: 



Sable Boy "Chocolate Chip" (SOLD):

12 Weeks:

8 Weeks: 



4 Weeks: 






Bridget & Gizmo have had a litter of 2 boys & 1 girl. They are all tiny orange sables, and they will be ready to go in May to approved homes. I expect the 2 boys to be about 4 - 4¾ lbs. full grown. I expect their girl to be extremely tiny, perhaps 2½ lbs. full grown. Pictures here are updates of their past puppies Lily Rain & Meadow, and pics of this new litter. You can see parents' pictures on my "Meet the Parents" page.

Sable Girl "Princess" $2995 (SOLD)

Sable Boy 1 "Coco" $1095 (SOLD)

Sable Boy 2 "Blondie" $1195 (SOLD)


Past Puppies:

These are puppies from their first litter, to give you a good idea of what these new puppies will look like as they mature. The oldest pics here are at 8 months of age, so they don't have their full adult coats yet.

Lily Rain: 






New puppies:

Girl "Princess" $2995 (SOLD):

Princess will be about half the size of an average (toy) Pomeranian. Most people would refer to this as a "teacup" Pomeranian. However, she has more than enough attitude to make up for her tiny size, and she also loves to cuddle, and will fall asleep on your chest or shoulder while you watch a movie. She will have an adorable face, and a beautiful, full orange sable coat. Because of her tiny size, I will be keeping her a bit longer before I let her go to her new family, however, I can hold her for an approved pet home until she is ready to go. She will be the perfect teensey-weensey little purse puppy that you can spoil, and she can go with you everywhere!

Since I understand that many people have issues with "teacup breeders", and to answer some of the questions you may have, please read further....

A "Teacup" is actually not part of the Pomeranian breed standard, but a word that most people use to refer to especially tiny toy dogs, which is why I am using that term in quotations. A Pomeranian is a toy dog, by definition, and there are not miniature, standard, toy, teacup, or larger Pomeranians. Although I get many requests for "Teacups", I do not try to produce these tiny puppies, and I don't breed tiny adults. However, her mother Bridget is the smallest adult I have, at a little under 5 lbs. and her father Gizmo (5 lbs.) often produces small puppies. Smaller toy puppies and "teacups" tend to have more complications, greater risks, and the very tiny ones often require a lot of extra care including 24-hour nursing, and still you can lose them at an early age, which is heartbreaking. Generally, if I have a smaller puppy (3 - 4 lbs. full grown, as opposed to the average 5 - 5.5 lbs. full grown) it is because they are the runt of the litter, and I usually keep them longer until I'm sure they are completely ready to go to their new homes (at about 3 - 4 months of age). Even completely healthy, they require extra care and attention from birth until they are ready to go to their new homes.


12 Weeks: 




8 Weeks:




 4 Weeks: 




Boy 1 "Coco" $1095 (SOLD):

8 Weeks: 



4 Weeks: 


Boy 2 "Blondie" $1195 (SOLD):

8 Weeks: 



4 Weeks: 




Together at 12 Weeks:



Now even Hope has left me....  ; ) 

Carmel Brownie & Gizmo's litter (born Dec./07) are all sold, but we will be expecting a new litter from them soon, probably including Chocolate Sable, Partis, and Tri-Colours, and possibly other colours. If you wish to be updated about this new litter via email, please let me know. The chocolate sables will be a light blend of cream & tan, with chocolate brown tips in the fur, & chocolate brown nose. These pictures will give you an idea of how their colours change (there are younger pictures of them further down on this page).

Hope $1295 (SOLD):




Charity $1295 (SOLD):






As of April 1/08, I have only 2 puppies left who are ready to go to their new homes, and ready to fly to another area. They are Charity & Hope (below). These are Carmel Brownie & Gizmo's puppies, and they're 3 months old now. They have their 2nd shots and they're paper-trained. They've had several dewormings, and they come with their puppy pack, etc. (above) as well as a health guarantee.

Faith $1395 (SOLD):

Tri-colour toy female, white with sable & black, estimated adult weight 6½ - 7 lbs.




Charity $1295 (AVAILABLE):

Chocolate sable with white toy female, estimated adult weight 5 - 5½ lbs.





Phoenix $1095 (SOLD):

Sable with white toy female, estimated adult weight 6 - 7 lbs.




Hope $1295 (AVAILABLE):

Rare Chocolate Sable Parti female, white with chocolate/sable/tan, estimated adult weight 7 lbs.





Joy $1495 (SOLD):

Tiny toy chocolate sable female, estimated adult weight 4 - 4½ lbs.




And here are some pictures of them together.







Hope & Faith:









Carmel Brownie has a litter of 5 girls, all with adorable teddy-bear faces. Well, they are still in the stage where they kind of look like hamsters, but just you wait   )

They are 3 weeks old now, and they're all doing awesome. They have their eyes open, and they're starting to toddle around now. Here are some photos of them, and I will post more in a couple of weeks.




"Faith" (AVAILABLE) Sable/Black Tri-colour girl ($1495):

White with sable & black patches, should be about 5½ - 6½ lbs. full grown.



"Charity" (PENDING) Chocolate Sable with white ($1395):

Beautiful chocolate girl with a bit of white on her, will be about 5 - 6 lbs. full grown.



"Phoenix" (SOLD) Sable girl ($1095):

Sable with a white blaze and toes, should be 5½ - 6½ lbs. full grown.



"Hope" (AVAILABLE) Chocolate (& Tan) Parti/Tri girl ($1495):

White with chocolate and a bit of tan, should be about 5 - 6 lbs. full grown.



"Joy" (AVAILABLE) Chocolate ($1495):

Completely adorable chocolate girl, runt of the litter, should be about 4 - 4½ lbs. full grown.





Mandy's litter arrived the morning of Christmas Eve! She had 6 sables -- 4 girls & 2 boys. They are all pretty small, and I expect them to range from about 3 - 5 lbs. full grown, and very similar to Peanut & Cream Puff (further below).

These puppies are all sold now, but they have a new litter of 4 sables -- 3 boys & 1 girl, ready to go around the end of September/08. If you're interested in one of these babies, I can reserve your puppy for you with deposit. See top of this page for details.

On my "Meet the Parents" page, you can see pictures of Mandy's daughter Ceili (but with Titan as sire) as a young adult. She doesn't have her full coat yet in those pictures, but you can see her colouring.

Here are a few pics of them at almost 2 weeks old. More will be posted soon.






Girl 1 "Mary" (SOLD): 


Boy 1 "Simon" (SOLD): 


Girl 2 "Lucy" (SOLD): 


Girl 3 "Ruthie" (SOLD): 


Boy 2 "Sam" (SOLD): 


Girl 4 "Savannah" (SOLD): 





This is definitely a first for me! Carmel Brownie's litter of 5 girls arrived on the morning of Dec. 14th. This is the first litter I've had from her, and everyone is doing great. They will be ready to go to their new homes between the middle and the end of February, a little longer if flying to another area. If you're interested in one of these puppies, please contact me by email for more details.

I expect most of these pups to be about 5 - 5¾ lbs., with her littlest chocolate girl topping out at about 4 lbs. full grown. They are: Black Tri-Colour, Chocolate Parti, Sable (with white), Chocolate, and Chocolate Sable (I'm pretty sure, I'll know better in a week or so). These are some pictures of them together, and I will post individual pictures asap.

Carmel's Girls:







Peanut is the tiniest puppy from my fall litters, and the only one I have left who is ready to go to his new home now. I expect him to be right around 4 lbs. full grown, with a big fluffy coat of light orange/cream sable.

He is 3 months old, very good with his potty training, and up to date on all vaccines, deworming, etc. and he comes with a health guarantee and a huge puppy gift pack. He is a total lovebug, and will cuddle with you for hours. But he's also very playful, and has a little fiesty side to him. He has nobody his age to play with now, so I would be a bit flexible on his price for the right home.

Peanut $1295 (SOLD):







Just a little update here. Carmel Brownie is due around Dec. 15/07, and Mandy is due just before Christmas, so I'm hoping for Christmas Eve puppies. She had her last litter on Remembrance Day last year, so she seems to be fond of holidays.

They have both been bred to Gizmo. I'm expecting partis, maybe tri-colours from Carmel Brownie, and dark sables from Mandy, and you can see her previous puppies (with Titan) on the site. I expect most of these puppies to be in the 5 - 6.5 lb. range full grown., with big fluffy coats. Please contact me for email updates if you want me to keep you posted on these new litters. If you wish to be added to the Waiting List, I can reserve your puppy for you with deposit. These puppies will be ready to go towards the end of February to the beginning of March, slightly longer if flying to another area.

Hope you all have a happy holiday season!

Mandy (dam): 

Carmel Brownie (dam):  

Gizmo (sire): 



Tana's litter is now 8 weeks old, and they have had several dewormings, 2nd vet check, and 1st vaccines. They are ready to go to their new homes now!

Cream Puff (female) is sold, and Peanut (male) is available. They should both be almost 4 lbs. full grown, with big fluffy coats of light orange/cream sable.

"Cream Puff" $1495 (SOLD):





"Peanut" $1295 (AVAILABLE): 







Bijou & Gizmo's puppies are 6 weeks old already! They will be ready to go right around 8 - 9 weeks of age (about November 9th) and I can hold your puppy for you with a deposit.

They are all doing well well with their potty-training, and enjoying their puppy food now. Most of these puppies should be in the range of 5 - 6½ pounds full grown, and a couple of them may end up right around 7 pounds. The sable girls are the smallest.

Sable Parti Boy $1295 (SOLD):




Black Boy $995 (SOLD):




Sable Girl 1 "Miracle" $1095 (PENDING):




Chocolate Boy $1395 (SOLD):




Black Parti Girl "Spot" $1395 (SOLD):



Sable Girl 2 $995 (SOLD):






These are a few pictures of Tana's puppies at 5 weeks old. They should be between 3¾ - 4 lbs. full grown. New 8 week old pictures will be posted later this week.

Sable Girl "Cream Puff" $1495 (SOLD):




Sable Boy "Peanut" $1295 (AVAILABLE):







Sable Boy (AVAILABLE): 





Sable Girl (SOLD): 











Sable Parti Boy (SOLD):




Black Boy (AVAILABLE):




Sable Girl 1 "Miracle" (PENDING):




Chocolate Boy (AVAILABLE):




Black Parti Girl "Spot" (AVAILABLE):




Sable Girl 2 (AVAILABLE):





Tana's litter has arrived and they are all doing great! She has 2 tiny babies, 1 boy and 1 girl, both orange sable. They will be ready to go around the middle of November (slightly later if flying to another area).

The girl is the lighter of the two, and will be more creamy/orange in colour. From their birth weights, I expect both of the puppies to be between 3½ - 4½ lbs. full grown, and completely adorable of course!!

Here are a few pics:



Sable Boy:  


Sable Girl:  




3 week old pics will be posted above.


Bijou's litter has arrived!!! She has 6 babies, including 3 boys & 3 girls, and 5 different colours!!!

They are: red sable parti boy, black boy, small sable girl, chocolate boy, black parti girl, and sable girl.

From their birth weights, I estimate their adult weights to be about 4 - 6.5 lbs. full grown. They are all doing fine, and I'm posting a few pictures below. I will post more soon.

All Six: 



Bijou & Pups:




Sable Parti Boy: 


Black Boy: 


Sable Girl 1: 


Chocolate Boy: 


Black Parti Girl: 


Sable Girl 2: 



Sable Parti Boy: 

Black Boy: 

Sable Girl 1 "Miracle": 

Chocolate Boy: 

Black Parti Girl "Spot": 

Sable Girl 2: 

I will post new 3 week old pictures this week  : )


Timbit- SOLD

Timbit has come available, sadly, because his owner's new condo will not accept pets - shame on them!!! He is 5 months old. He is a beautiful exotic-colour Brindle boy, and he will be about 6 - 6.5 lbs. full grown. He comes with all of his toys, accessories, food, leash & harness, kennel, etc, etc, and has had lots of TLC & training. He will be a wonderful addition to any family, especially if you are busy and potty-training is hard to undertake at this time. He is paper-trained, and partially trained to go potty outside, and he has had all of his shots, dewormings, etc., and he is presently living in Kelowna, BC.

He has a wonderful temperament, like both of his parents, and he will be available to a pet home with approved references. See his baby pics below on this page, under Oso's Litter.



Bijou was bred to Gizmo, and had a litter of 6 on Sept. 9/07. They had 3 girls & 3 boys, of five different colours: sable parti, black parti, chocolate, black, and sable. Most of these puppies will be about 5 - 6½ lbs. full grown. We will be expecting another litter from them in the spring. If you are interested in these puppies, please contact me for more details about my Waiting List. I can hold for approved homes with deposit, and shipping is available within North America only.

Bijou (dam):  

Gizmo (sire): 



Oso had 3 beautiful, rare brindle puppies -- 2 girls & 1 boy, all healthy and adorable. Only 1 girl (Rosie) is still available and ready to go to her new home.

6 Weeks Old:

Girl 1 - Rosie (PENDING): a bigger girl, should mature to approximately 8 pounds.

Girl 2 - Chrissie (SOLD): should mature to approximately 6 - 6½ lbs.

Boy - Timbit (SOLD): should mature to about 6 - 6½ lbs.

2-3 Weeks Old:

Newborn to 1 Week Old:



Tango had a litter of four -- 3 girls & 1 boy, all beautiful, of course  ; )   They should mature to between 3½ - 5¾ lbs. full grown, with huge coats of cream and orange. All of these puppies have been placed.

Girl 1 (SOLD) is very sweet, but has a really playful side too. She will be orange sable, and about 5 - 5½ lbs. full grown.


Girl 2 "Sweet Pea" (SOLD) is tiny, and should mature to Between 3½ - 3¾ lbs. full grown. She has a lot of cream in her coat, and should turn out a light orange with lots of cream undercoat, and super-fluffy.


And getting bored with her photo shoot:  

6 Weeks:


Girl 3 (SOLD) will be orange sable, and should mature to about 5¾ lbs. She loves to play, and just can't get enough, although she does like a good cuddle once in a while too.


Tango's Boy "Charlie" (SOLD) will also be a lighter orange with lots of cream, and should be between 4¾ - 5 lbs. full grown. He's pretty mellow, and quite a cuddle-bug this one.




Tana had one beautiful, super-cuddly boy (SOLD). "Tommy Boy" is a lighter orange sable with lots of cream, and he should mature to about 5½ - 6 lbs. He's a bit shy at first, but he loves affection and loves to play.


And getting comfy in the food dish:





Our long awaited spring puppies have arrived!!! Oso Blue was first, and had 3 rare brindle puppies. Tango & Tana's cream & orange sable puppies have also arrived, and they are all doing awesome! Their eyes are all open now, and they are starting to play a little bit, but mostly they still just eat and sleep alot. They will be ready to go by June, to approved pet homes only, and they are beyond cute!

For anyone who has been waiting for a puppy this spring, please contact me asap by phone at 778-838-2700, since there seems to be a problem with my email server right now, and I may not get your email in time.


As of January 27/07, I have only one puppy available and ready to go. Mandy's "Girl 1" now called Ceili, born Nov. 11/06, is a darker sable and she will be about 6 lbs. full grown, with a long beautiful coat, and excellent temperament. She has been about 95% paper-trained since 6 weeks old, and is an absolute sweetheart. Please see below for recent pictures.


Gabriela has gone to live with Brad & Becky on Vancouver Island, BC. From Tana's first litter, born Sept. 19/06, she will be small, cream sable, and she has a white blaze on her chest, a long fluffy coat, and personality that just doesn't stop. Tana has just been bred and we are expecting her 2nd litter around Mar. 25/07. These are a few recent pictures of Gabi:


These are some updated pictures of Mandy's puppies. They have all gone to their new homes, except Girl 1 who is available to an approved home.

Girl 1 "Zippy-Ceili":

Girl 2 "Tia" (SOLD):

Boy 1 (SOLD):

Boy 2 "Dylan" (SOLD):


Girl 1 (PENDING): She is a little darker, so she will turn out very similar to Mandy's colouring. She should be about 6 - 6.5 lbs. full grown.

Girl 2 "Tia" will be going to live with Corrine in New Westminster:

Boy 1 will be going to live with Miranda in Portland.

Boy 2 "Dylan" will be going to live with Lauren in New Jersey:


Mandy & Titan's second litter arrived on Nov. 11/06. There are 2 girls & 2 boys, and they are all doing great. I have 1 girl & 1 boy available. These are some pictures of them at 3 weeks old, and I will be posting some more individual pictures in the coming week. You can see older pictures of puppies from their first litter on the "Upcoming Litters" page.


Girl 2 "Tia" (SOLD):


Boy 2 "Dylan" (SOLD):




The average waiting time for one of my puppies is now about 4 - 6 months. If you think you would like to be added to my waiting list, please email me with some information about yourself, where you live, your home, children, other pets, etc.  Also, if you could, tell be a bit about what you're lookng for (ie. size/weight at maturity, sex, colour, pet/show/breeding registration, etc) and what made you want to get a Pomeranian puppy.

I receive many emails every day, and I can no longer respond to one-line emails, but to serious inquiries only. If you haven't the time, neither do I. If you are serious, I will spend as many months as you want answering your questions, helping you to determine what kind of puppy will be right for you, training and vet care options, and anything else you need to know to make an informed decision. If I don't have the answers you are looking for, I will always try my best to point you to links and resources that will have them. And if you are serious about making a new Pom-baby a part of your life, as my puppy homes will attest to, I will answer your questions forever, and always help in any way that I can, before and after you buy your puppy.

Thank you for understanding.



These puppies are all placed in their new homes, but Tango will be bred this month, and we will be expecting some beautiful new babies towards the end of March. If you aren't already on the waiting list and you are interested in one of her babies, please contact me.


They're now 6 weeks old, and growing like furry little weeds. They're running around and playing, and barking & growling while they wrestle with one another. Their little growls always remind me of tiny, angry chipmunks...lol.They're also getting cuter and fluffier, and their personalities are really starting to come out now.

Tango's Puppies:

Girl 1 (Sassy):


Girl 2 (Cookie):


Boy (Teddy Ruxpin):

Tana's Puppies:

Girl 1 (Gabriela):

Gabi with Cookie (left) and with Teddy (right):

Girl 2 (Sara):

Sara, Cookie & Gabi (asleep):


How time flies! It seems like just yesterday that they were born. Now they are walking around, some still teetering a bit. Tango's are 4 days older, so a little ahead in their development. They're starting to play and interact now. Tango's Girl 2 was the first to lick my cheek, and her Boy was the first one to let out little barks and growls. He thinks he's tuff stuff...lol.

Here are some new pics. They are really NOT good subjects, lol, so I just took lots of them together hoping you could see them all somewhere in there (her boy is alot lighter than the 2 girls, especially in the face):

I have named them now, and this doesn't mean you can't change their names. I just hate calling them "Girl 1" etc... plus it gets a little confusing. For those of you searching for your own new puppy name, I highly recommend babyzone.com  : )

Tango Puppies:

Individual pics:

Girl 1:

Girl 2 (Cookie):

Boy (Teddy Ruxpin):

Then when I put the puppies back, Tango decided it was her turn...lol. She just loves any kind of attention, not camera shy at all.

Tana Puppies:

Girl 1 is parti-factored and has white back toes and a white patch on her chest. I have called her Gabriela. (Hebrew: God is my strength; feminine form of Gabriel). She seemed to hit a plateau in her weight gain, and her little sister overtook her in size and weight. She seemed to be nursing fine, so I just kept an eye on her. Then she lost a little weight and got a bit dehydrated, so I consulted my vet and supplemented her diet. Through the prayers of my best friend and my aunt, she has pulled through and she is doing awesome now. This is why I named her Gabriela, because God is the source of all strength, and all healing.





I'm sorry, but all of these puppies from Tango & Tana's litters are spoken for. These are some updated pictures for the new families-in-waiting. They are only about a week old, and still look pretty much like small rodents, but this too shall pass.....

In about 3 - 4 weeks, they will be the cutest little furballs you've ever seen, mark my words  ; )

Tango Puppies:

Girl 1:

Girl 2:


Tana Puppies:

Girl 1:

Girl 2:



Tana has just had her first litter of two beautiful girls. She was having a bit of difficulty, so we went to the vet to make sure everything was okay. Thank you to Dr. Udenberg and the wonderful staff of Central Animal Hospital in Vernon for helping with their delivery.

Tana is about 5½ lbs., cream sable with just a little bit of black sabling, and Titan is 5¼ lbs. and orange sable with a long, thick coat. I expect the puppies to be quite small (4½ - 5¼ lbs. full grown). They will be ready to go around the end of November.

Sorry, both of these girls are already spoken for. For those interested in being added to my waiting list, you can contact me by email if you have any questions, and please include some information about yourself, your home, kids, other pets, etc, and what you're looking for in a Pom puppy, so I can see if we will have a good match for you in the near future.

Brand-spankin new puppy pictures:



Early morning on September 15th, Tango had 3 orange/sable puppies, a girl, then a boy, then another girl. They are all doing very well. These are a few pictures of them at 1 day old:

Mandy-Bear Puppies Born!

Bridget, Mandy-Bear's little sable female (from Titan & Mandy-Bear's litter) is a new addition to my breeding program. She is the one on the right:

Mandy-Bear (left-not my female) & Titan:


 Tango puppies due now!

Tango has been on holidays since she was bred a year ago. She has been successfully bred, and the puppies are due any time now. They will be ready to go between the middle and the end of November, to approved homes only.

I believe I will have one puppy available from this litter (to approved pet home only) so contact me if you are interested in adopting one of these babies.

Titan & Tango's past puppies:

Who is available right now??


I have no puppies ready to go now. For pictures of Bijou & Mandy's spring litters (both born on May 8/06) please see below.

Bijou will not be bred until next year, but Mandy has just been bred (with Titan) and is now expecting her 2nd litter. Their colours should turn out alot like Mandy's (mostly cream with dark sabling going through) but probably a bit lighter than her. I don't expect most of them to have alot of orange, and they should be right around 6 lbs. full grown. She is 7 lbs, has a gorgeous long thick coat and wonderful temperament, and is extremely affectionate, and a great mama.

Two girls and one boy are already spoken for, but I believe she will have 4 - 5 puppies again in this litter. Pet prices start at $895, which includes: up-to-date vet checks, dew-claw removal & vaccinations, several de-wormings & Revolution, health guarantee, premium Puppy Packs & accessories (puppy pads, food, coupons, toys, etc, etc.)

If you are interested in being put on my waiting list for one of these puppies, please contact me asap.




 Here are some pix of puppies from both Bijou & Mandy's litters, at 7 weeks of age:

Mandy's 2 Dark Sable Boys (1 AVAILABLE):

Mandy's Dark Sable Boy (SOLD):

Mandy's Light Sable Boy (SOLD):

Mandy's Sable Girl (SOLD):

Bijou's 2 Little Black Girls (SOLD):

Bijou's Parti-Factored Black Girl (SOLD):Bijou's Black Girl (SOLD):

Bijou's Black Boy (AVAILABLE):

Bijou's Parti-Factored Sable Boy (AVAILABLE):

Bijou's Parti-Factored Sable Girl (SOLD):




 Here are a few pics of both Bijou & Mandy's puppies at 5 - 6 weeks old:

Bijou's Boys Playing:

Bijou's sable girl:

Bijou's black boy:

Bijou's black girls:

Mandy's lightest sable boy & Bijou's black girls:

Bijou's sable boy:

Mandy's darkest sable boy:

Mandy's dark sable boy:

Dinnertime antics:


Action shots:

 More pictures will follow, along with the 4-week pictures that never made it on here. My apologies to everyone who was waiting. I finally had to break down and buy a new computer system, since the old one gave up the ghost  ; )



The puppies are 4 weeks old now - how time flies! They're getting fuzzier, and all they want to do is run around everywhere. Here are a few pics of Bijou & her pups:

 Sable Parti-Factored Girl (SOLD)


 Black Parti-Factored Girl (SOLD)

With Bijou & Sable Girl:

 Black Girl (AVAILABLE)

With Titan (papa):

 Sable Parti-Factored Boy (AVAILABLE)

 Black Boy (AVAILABLE)



Here are a few pics of Mandy & her pups at 4 weeks old: 

 Sable Girl (AVAILABLE) 


 Lighter Sable Boy (AVAILABLE)


 Darkest Sable Boy (SOLD)


 Dark Sable Boy (SOLD)




 My new babies are 2 weeks old already, and they have just opened their eyes. They just eat and eat, and sleep and eat, so they have porky little bellies, and they're all doing great!

These are some pics of the Mamas & their pups. New individual photos of pups will be posted later this week.




 Bijou is the most relaxed, patient, attentive mama I've ever seen, and she just adores having puppies to look after.

 Lunch time -- again...

 And again...

My new babies have arrived!!!


 Mandy & Bijou's litters both arrived today!! After a sleepless night of keeping an eye on both of my very pregnant girls, who had started nesting last night, Mandy went into labour first at about 7:30 am. This was a nice change, because they usually do it at around 4 am...

 After about an hour and a half, and still no puppies, I took her to my vet. He assisted in their births, and I have five beautiful puppies from Mandy & Titan. There are 3 boys - 1 black, 1 sable, and one that seems to be dark chocolate at this point, and 2 sable girls - 1 lighter and 1 darker. Most of them will probably turn out on the darker side of sable (like Mandy) or with a lot of sabling through their coats.

 The runt of the litter is a tiny sable girl that I have named Milagro -- Spanish for "Miracle" because when she came out, I was really not sure if she was going to survive. But so far she has proven to be a tiny miracle. She was very tiny and fragile at birth, but she is getting stronger and healthier by the hour. I am giving her supplemental nursing around the clock until she is strong enough to fend for herself at feeding time. I believe she will be tiny but tough, and that she will continue to flourish. I will probably keep her with Mandy for 12 weeks or longer, just to keep a close eye on her progress, and to monitor a slow transition to solid food. She will be placed as a pet only, with a strict spay agreement. Any prayers for her would be greatly appreciated  : ) 


 These are a few pictures of Mandy and her puppies today:

A well-deserved rest back at home 

 Tiny Milagro at 3 hours old, and with Mama:


 Bijou waited until 5 pm to go into labour, and then they just came fast and furious, with no complications whatsoever. She had the first at 5:05, the second at 5:11, and the third at 5:15. Then she took a little break, but they were all born by about 6:30 pm. She has a litter of five also: 3 girls - 2 blacks & 1 sable. The 2 boys are 1 black & 1 sable. They are all beautiful, healthy, and strong.

 Here are a few pictures of Bijou & her puppies (they are under 1 hour old here):


 For Mandy & Bijou's litters, I will be accepting deposits this week from those at the top of my waiting list, in order to hold the puppy of your choice until they are ready to go.



 Here are a few more pictures of Bijou & her puppies at 1 day old:

 Bijou's 2 Black Girls

 Bijou's Sable Girl

 Bijou's Black Boy

 Bijou's Sable Boy



 Here are some pictures of Mandy's pups at 1 day old:

 Black Boy

 Chocolate/Black Boy 

 Sable Boy

 Sable Girl




 Bijou was bred on March 7th and again on March 9th, so we will be expecting her puppies in the beginning of May! They will be ready for adoption around July 7th. In her first litter, she had 3 females (1 sable, 1 parti-factored sable, & 1 parti-factored black) and 1 tiny black male. You can see their pictures on other pages: Asha, Alice, Ann, and Ace (respective to the above description).

 For those already on my waiting list, who are interested in one of Bijou & Titan's pups at that time, please contact me asap to touch base.



 Titan is having a very busy week   ; )

 Mandy was bred on March 10th, so her puppies will be due around May 11! They will be ready to go to their new homes around July 10 -- summer puppies!   : )

 For anyone already on my waiting list, who is interested in a puppy from Mandy & Titan at that time, please contact me asap to touch base.


No puppies available now

I'm sorry, but the autumn puppies have been sold, and I'm now taking a waiting list for spring litters, ready between March & July/06. Thank you for your interest, and please contact me if you want to be added to the waiting list.

New Female Puppy


I'm sorry, but Suzy Q is now sold. I bred Titan out in July, to Suzy Q's mama, Tootsie, a gorgeous black Pom, 5¼ pounds, with a baby doll face and super-long coat. This was her first litter. Below are some pictures of Suzy Q, Mama, & siblings. The two sables are also sold, but we are planning to have another litter from the same parents this summer!

Tootsie & one of the sable pups

Bobo - 1 Pound at 6 Weeks

Suzy Q & Buttons (8 & 10 Wks Old). These were my last two autumn puppies so they were together for their last 5 weeks here. They were being cute & cuddly in these pics, but usually I referred to them as the "Terrible Two"  hahaha




Titan and Tango's 3 boys are all sold, and have now settled into their new homes. Now their coats are getting long and fluffy, with a gorgeous blend of cream, silver, and dark sabling. They will be little orange/cream/sable males, but their true colours won't come out for several months, after they go through the "Puppy Uglies". To see pictures of the older puppies from their last litter, you can also go to the "PAST PUPPIES" page.

Tango is now on holidays and her next litter, with another top champion male, will be born next fall. I will be looking for show hopefuls from that litter.

Mama & Papa & puppies - Titan (papa) has the dark sabling on him:





Cheeko at 9 months old (4.5 pounds), from Titan & Tango's previous litter:

This is what these boys might look like in 6-7 months - Cheeko (left) & Buttons (right):




Oprah has now settled into her new home in Chilliwack. Oprah (aka Bea's Black Princess) was born on July 17/05. She is my pick of the litter from breeding out Titan in May. She should mature to be about 6½ pounds. She is cuddly as anything, but real fiesty, too! She's pure black, with bluish eyes. Titan is her sire, and her dam, Patches, is a black and white parti pom. She has an excellent disposition, doesn't bark, and loves to get belly rubs and give kisses.

And entering the "puppy uglies"