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CKC Orange Sable male: 


CKC Cream female: 


Black with White (parti-factored) female: 


AKC/CKC Sable female: 


AKC/CKC Cream Sable female:

Oso Blue

AKC Blue (brindle, parti-factored) female: 


CKC Red/Orange Sable Parti male: 


AKC/CKC White/Cream female: 

Carmel Brownie

AKC Chocolate & Tan Tri-Colour female: 

Bridget (Titan X Mandy-Bear puppy)

Orange Sable female: 

Ceili (Titan X Mandy puppy)

(Dark) Cream Sable female: 

Mango (Gizmo X Mandy puppy)

Dark Sable (with White) female: 

Ailia (Gizmo X Tango puppy)

Orange Sable female: (adult pic to be posted soon)

Abigail (Gizmo X Tango puppy)

Orange Sable female: (adult pic to be posted soon)

The following colours (adults and/or puppies) are part of this breeding program: Cream Sable (light & dark), Cream/White, Orange & Orange Sable, Cream, various Parti colours, Blue, Chocolate & Tan Tri-colour, & Brindle. We are now producing some beautiful exotic-coloured puppies, including: orange sable parti, black parti, sable & black tri-colour, chocolate & tan tri-colour, chocolate & tan (and parti-factored), chocolate sable, chocolate, and brindle. This is in addition to our standard colours, including: orange, orange sable, dark (orange/cream) sable, black, cream, and cream sable. More pictures of these colours can be seen on the "Puppies Available", "Past Puppies", and "Photo Album" pages.



Titan is a CKC registered orange sable male, and my first Pom. He is 7 years old, and weighs in at 5¼ pounds. He has a long thick coat, with quite a bit of dark sabling throughout. He has a very calm temperament & friendly manner, but he thinks he's not a lap dog. He's always my shadow, but rarely sits on my lap. He is very well-socialized with other dogs. He's a determined little stud too, but quite the gentleman, and he has produced beautiful puppies with several different females.





Tango is registered as a 'cream' but has developed into a light orange, with a super-thick cream undercoat. Her parents are "Cheyennes Wee Renegade" and "Cheyennes Golden Marigold" from Cheyennes. So she has a fantastic pedigree, filled with top Canadian/American Champion Show Poms. She is about 6 pounds, with a compact body, and excellent conformation.She is the sweetest little all-over-you lap dog inside, but a fierce watchdog too! She once alerted me to a fire and saved all of our lives, so she's my tiny little heroine.

 Tango as a Puppy

Outside of the house, she thinks she's a large hound crossed with a guard dog, and will try to hunt any small game that crosses her path (squirrels, birds in mid-flight, cats - she doesn't realize they outweigh her) and would fight a Rottweiler to the death to protect us (she's very smart, but she has no concept of size...hahaha). She has tremendous character, and I love her to bits.

Tango in October/05:




Bijou is a bigger girl, very solidly built and well proportioned, and she has more of the "foxy" face. She is parti-factored, with a beautiful blue-black coat with white chest and toes. Her sire is a 5¾ pound CKC registered Fawn, and her dam is a 7 pound AKC registered Black Parti.


 She has a sweet and loving disposition, and must make friends with everyone and everything, she gets along wonderfully with children and other pets, and she is a super mom. Everyone just falls inlove with her personality. She and Titan have had (parti-factored) orange sable & black puppies that turn out between 6½ - 7 lbs. full grown. She also produced several exotic coloured puppies in her litter with Gizmo in Fall/2007, and most should mature to about 5 - 6½ lbs. full grown.



Mandy arrived in February/06 and has produced beautiful puppies with both Titan and Gizmo. They have big thick coats, nice proportion, and excellent temperament, and many of them lean more towards Mandy's colouring. Most should mature at around 4 - 6 lbs. full grown.

Several of these puppies can be seen on my site, and her present litter is now on the "Puppies Available" page (as of Feb./08). I will be trying to get adult pictures of more of her puppies in the next few months, to be posted on the "Past Puppies" & "Photo Album" pages.






She arrived in February/06, and had her first litter by Titan in September. She is about 5 lbs. and as cute as a bug's ear, very sweet and loving, and gets along well with all of the other dogs and puppies. Just a little doll, and even more cute because her mannerisms are like those of a young puppy, and she just loves to cuddle -- she sleeps on my pillow right beside my head  : )

She was bred to Gizmo in 2007 and their puppies ("Cream Puff" & "Peanut") are beyond adorable! We expect them to be quite small at about 3¾ - 4¼ lbs. full grown. Tana was shaved down for summer in the first picture, and some of the others don't show her in full coat.







Oso Blue is an AKC registered Blue female. She is a bigger girl at about 8 lbs., and has the sweetest most mellow temperament. She just loves everybody, and she's very gentle with smaller dogs and puppies, and a total luvbug.


Oso has produced Black, Cream, Blue, Brindle, and Blue-Brindle puppies.



Gizmo is an orange/red sable parti, at a very compact 5 pounds. He has a beautiful long, thick coat, which is not even his full coat yet since he is only 1 year old in these photos.

He has produced black, chocolate, orange sable parti, black parti, orange sable, chocolate sable, cream sable parti, & chocolate sable parti puppies. We are expecting more beautiful little exotic colour babies from him this spring and summer, maybe including cream & blue sable!


Baby Pics: Tiny little parti-boy.

6 Weeks: Little ball of fluff in the grass.

5 - 6 Months: Going through the "Puppy Uglies" here, which is a stage that most Poms go through from about 4 - 8 months of age. And yes, it's the same dog...lol.

8 months: And the ugly duckling has turned into a swan!


1 year old (not in his full coat yet):








Jubilee is an AKC registered white female, with a touch of peachy-cream on her back. She's a bigger girl at approximately 8 pounds. She is very mellow, and just likes to relax. I call her my "lounge lizard" because she is completely content to just hang out on the deck with me, with her chin or paws propped up on the base of the chair or the table legs. I have to remember that she's under there when I go to move my chair! She doesn't like to play much with the other dogs, but when she does, it's very cute to watch.








Carmel Brownie is a chocolate & tan tri-colour (with a white parti-factor). She is a deep rich chocolate colour, with tan legs, and a touch of white on her chest and tail. She is 3 years old, but still as playful as a puppy. She dances around and thinks that "Come" means "Let's play a game of catch-me-if-you-can" ...lol.

We have a litter of beautiful little parti and tri-colour puppies from her & Gizmo, that will be ready to go around Valentine's Day. They are posted on the "Puppies Available" page now (as of Feb./08) and new 7 week old pics will be posted this coming week.






Bridget is a very compact orange sable girl weighing in at about 4¾ pounds. She has a foxier-looking face, and a really long, light orange coat with a only a tiny bit of dark sabling, so she looks more like an orange than an orange sable. She is my pick of the litter from breeding Titan to Mandy-Bear (not my female Mandy). She is very playful, and in spite of her tiny size, she can leap onto or over almost anything, including my baby gates! She has had a litter of 3 tiny orange sables with Gizmo, that will be ready to go in May/08.

Mandy-Bear (Bridget's dam) with Baby Bridget & Brother (& a friend):






(She is only a year old in these pictures, and will have a much fuller coat by the age of 2)







Ceili (pronounced Kaylee) is a Titan & Mandy daughter, and she is 1 year old. She is a dark sable, with smoky colouring alot like Mandy's, but with a touch more orange on her from Titan's side. She weighs about 5½ pounds. She has an adorable little teddy-bear face, and is a total cuddler, but also likes to "stir the pot" with all the other dogs, relentlessly pestering them to play with her. Ceili, Bridget & Gizmo love to run laps around the yard chasing each other.

We are expecting her 1st litter this spring, with Gizmo as sire. She has just come out of her "Puppy Uglies" in these pictures, so she doesn't have her full coat yet. She will have almost twice the coat in the next year!


Ceili & Bridget (half-sisters and best buddies):  

SUNNY DAY (formerly known as "Chocolate Sundae")

Sunny Day is from Bijou & Gizmo's last litter, born in 2010. Her originial name was "Chocolate Sundae" and she can be seen on the Past Litters of Puppies page as a baby and young puppy (along with her sister "Flurry" from the same litter). She is Chocolate Parti, very compact (short back & legs), and right around 6 lbs. full grown. She is very friendly & socialized with kids, and other pets, and likes to cuddle.  




PRAISE (formerly known as "Flurry")

Praise is from Bijou & Gizmo's last litter, born in 2010. Her originial name was "Flurry" and she can be seen on the Past Litters of Puppies page as a baby and young puppy (along with her sister "Chocolate Sundae" from the same litter). She is a bigger girl at about 9 lbs., alot like her mom Bijou, she is super-friendly, great with kids, and other pets. In this picture, she is over a year old, but doesn't have her full coat yet. She is a lot fluffier now. We were having trouble accessing her newer pictures after a computer upgrade, but we will try to add them, and of course you can meet her in person : )